Mobility in space is needed, more than ever. Without this capability, satellites supporting life on Earth would be constantly exposed to cosmic threats.  If satellite communications were abruptly disrupted, you might not be able to use your phone anymore or be guided safely home when needed.

Life as we know today just wouldn’t be the same without satellites. And their widespread use for fast digitalization in many sectors could have not happened if it wasn’t for their driving force — their propulsion systems. These allow spacecraft to complete missions in the most effective way, changing their orbit or inclination for better optimization. 

As the Near-Earth economy rapidly expands and is set to boom in the decade to come, ENPULSION is proud to be an enabler of this new wave of innovation.



ENPULSION is celebrating 100 active thrusters in space. Join us here at 100in.space. It is our celebration for achieving this important milestone — becoming the first smallsat electric propulsion systems provider to have 100 active thrusters orbiting the Earth! But even more, it is a heartfelt tribute to the past 100 years of space history, a fresh look into exciting ongoing technology developments in the present, and a curiosity-filled peek into the next 100 years of space activity. 

We look back into the past to better envision the future — to inspire the present with what has been and what lies ahead of us.

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